We Provide:

  • Home and Yard Maintenance
  • Household Repairs
  • Automotive and Transport Help
  • Moving Help
  • Assistance for the Elderly
  • Special Projects for Those in Need

More Past Projects

  • We bought a snow blower for a widow and taught her sons to use it.
  • We did home repairs, home painting, plumbing repairs, fence repairs, etc. for a widow.
  • We funded and oversaw the painting of the exterior of a widow’s home, fixed her steps, deck, fence, cut down trees and did other home repairs.
  • We built a deck and railing for a widow.
  • We moved women’s possessions to new homes when they were abandoned by their husbands and partners.
  • We moved women’s possessions after their husbands passed away.
  • We built a room addition for a family in a local para-ministry and provided labor in deconstruction and demolition to help provide the home with new siding.
  • We helped a man on parole get back on his feet by supporting him and his family financially.
  • We completed many small projects as needed for women who made their needs known without seeking any outside help, funding or recognition.
  • We helped a woman recently widowed “winterize” her home by doing Fall cleanup, serviced the spa, water softener, furnace, washed windows, and arranged lawn care, sprinkler blowout, chimney cleaning and snow removal for winter.
  • We purchased and installed a new entry doors and windows for a widow and her elderly mother, and then purchased and installed a new pellet stove to help heat their home and lower their energy bills.